June 2, 2009

June Gloom

June Glooom is upon us.  Hide your children and livestock!

Legend has it that on June 1st every year, June Gloom comes in and begins casting tenebrous, foggy weather on charming coastal areas when all else is sunny and warm.  Why, you ask?  Could it merely be the stratocumulus clouds blowing inland?  No, don't be fooled by the "meteorologists", with their "scientific" agendas and handsome good looks!  The real answer is BANSHEES!  

Foggy weather is the perfect camouflage for these cursed deities, these omens of death!  The banshee comes in three forms: a young women, a stately matron or an old hag, which together represent the Celtic goddess of war and death.  Fog is said to be linked to the presence of banshees, so watch out when you are traveling close to the ocean in June and the fog starts to overtake you -- you might be traveling into a trap, a cursed banshee trap!  Those who have not heeded this warning are all dead, so you see the severity of my words, don't you?!!  

Famous banshee scenes:

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