June 13, 2009

Lakes, Streams, and RIVERS!

Do I like lakes? Sure I do! How about Streams? You Better believe it! What do you say of Rivers? Well, if you're talking about rivers as water-ways similar, but larger than, streams, then I love them dearly. If you are talking about Rivers Cuomo, the lead guitarist and singer of Weezer, I only liked him on the Blue album and Pinkerton. Since then, I have always disliked him for continuing to make music as Weezer that sucks in comparison.

He happened to be born today, June 13, 1970, making him 39 years old. That's too old to be playing power-pop music because it just is. Say it IS so that Weezer will call it quits soon. If you are in Weezer and happen to read this, sorry if that was too harsh. I'm not saying you should break up and not speak to each other ever again. Rather, you all should get some chai tea and have a good calm talk by a warm fire and collectively decide to end the project for the sake of new ideas that happen to also be good ideas. Love (only during the first two albums), me.

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