June 12, 2009

Mamma-Mia, Pappa-Pia, Anne wrote a Diary-uh!

Happy Birthday Anne Frank! Anne Frank, who turned 13 on June 12th, 1942 was given for her birthday one pony, six Holly Hobby Easy Bake ovens, and a blank diary. She got pretty steamed about the whole diary thing and took all of her loot into the attic of her house. She would clomp around on ponyback eating fancy cakes cooked under the power of a lightbulb, but Hitler lived downstairs and he hated ponies and cakes. One day Hitler finally snapped and took her pony and cake makers away from her and she was all like, “dude, you are such a Nazi!”. All Anne had left to survive on was her diary so she decided to write a story about how she was a demure princess and lived in a magic castle with a hunky prince who looked just like Ryan Reynolds. Unfortunately little Anne wasn’t so creative, so instead she just wrote about what a jerkface Hitler was. Boy, was she right about that guy. It was so true in fact that afterward people started saying “Can’t we be Anne Frank about this situation” which was later shortened to “Let’s be Frank”.


  1. AnonymousJune 15, 2009

    I was rooting for a picture of Phranc through this whole post. Thanks for not letting me down.


    p.s. You know you're going to hell for this, right?

  2. What's wrong with it? I pretty much told the exact story. Although I never read the book, but the kids in 6th grade gave their book reports and this is what I remember from them.