June 18, 2009

Thanks For The War, Thanks For The Music

Take a chance on me to tell you the story of June 18th 1815 and the end of the Battle of Waterloo. Napoleon was a small man but he was a super Trooper. He rode around on a horse named Fernando and always had his hand in his coat. What was he hiding? A sock puppet? Money, Money, Money? A Chiquitita Banana? Nope, it was a boomerang, and he would ride around saying “Voulez-Vous avec boomerang?”. He wouldn’t even wait to hear the answer before out of the blue “Bang!”, a boomerang would hit you upside the head. When Napoleon first met Queen Victoria he pulled his little trick on her. The pain sent her hopping about the room and all Napoleon did was point and laugh “look at the dancing Queen!”. This made Victoria angry who challenged the small man to a winner takes it all battle, and the name of the game was war. There were many times the Queen wanted to give up and send out an S.O.S. when she was under attack, but she didn’t give in. The war went on and on and on until finally, Napoleon was knocked head over heels. He tried to plead with the Queen to let him go by saying “Gimme gimme gimme a chance!” and staring at her with his angel eyes, but she threw him in jail to rot.

So long Napoleon, and Abba nice day.

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