June 7, 2009

A Prince is Born

June 7th, 1958: A mother gives birth to a son and wraps him in a purple velvet blanket, with white chiffon trim.  Awkwardly, the child is born with a John Waters-esque mustache, intense sexuality, and eccentric interest in panache and fashion.  

Prince Rogers Nelson was nicknamed "skipper" as a young boy in Minneapolis, MN.  As a young funk artist, he leaned towards ostentatious fashion, gimmicks, and an interest in outrageous, often shocking expression.  These were all tricks of bands like Sly and the Family Stone, Parliment, James Brown, et al.  These bands taught Prince how to boogie.  

Eventually, Prince got older and bolder (just like his father), and became really popular when he started playing shows with his band "The Revolution", who (dig, if you will, the picture) were all Honduran gorillas looking to overthrow the Fascist powers that be.  However, instead of guns and political rhetoric, they were armed with funky costumes and love guns.  

Finally, cloud guitars turned Prince into more than words could describe - a symbol.  The magic in the cloud guitar was not known to those who created it (warlocks).  All who use the instrument become more than words can describe and eventually lose touch with reality. Currently, Prince resides in Minneapolis and loves basketball.

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