April 15, 2009

A Bullet for Crockett

Original Airdate: April 15, 1988

Guest Starring: Jesse Borrego and Martin Ferrero

The episode opens with a drug deal, Crockett and Tubbs buying from a couple Columbians. Phil Collins' "In The Air Tonight" slowly builds. Neither side is willing to part with their part of the deal first, and so a "columbian standoff" ensues. Four more columbians appear holding guns, giving the columbians the advantage. "Columbia six, Miami two," says the leader. Crockett, in his always calm and casual manner, glances around at the six Columbians. "I put a hundred thousand to win on Miami," he says, and a number of Miami police offers reveal themselves from the shadows. Crockett and Tubbs dive behind some cover, a short gunfight passes, the head Columbian darts for his Porche where his girlfriend is waiting. Crockett and Tubbs give chase in their maximum sweet white Ferrari Testerrosa. The Porche screeches to a stop at a train station, the head Columbian and his girlfriend run up to the top platform, Crockett and Tubbs run after them. Another short gunfight, and Crockett sneaks around to the other side. "Freeze!" he shouts. The Columbian turns, points his gun at Crockett, two gunshots ring out, and the Columbian falls. Crockett runs over, checks the body to make sure he's down. He kicks the Columbian's gun away from his body, then puts his own gun away. As Tubbs comes up the stairs, holstering his own gun, the Columbian's girlfriend steps out of the shadow, with her own gun. "This is for Ricky," she says, and shoots Crockett in the chest. Crockett falls off the edge of the platform towards the tracks, Tubbs calls out in anguish, a train approaches, Tubbs runs and dives down to make sure the train doesn't get him. It doesn't. Just a bullet. A Bullet for Crockett.

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