April 27, 2009

Expo 67, Montreal

Expo 67, an official BIE (Bureau of International Expositions) World's Fair, opened on April 27, 1967, in Montreal, Canada. The fair was timed to commemorate Canada's centennial year. During it's six month run, the fair was attended by more than twice Canada's total population (50,306,648 attended Expo 67 when Canada's population was only around 20 million).

The Expo holds the World's Fair record for single day attendance of 569,000 human beings on the third day after it opened. It holds the record for most Canadian baseball teams named after it (Montreal Expos). Expo 67 was a resounding success, despite costing Canada over 200 Million when all was said and done. This was actually a lot less than what was originally expected due to the large attendance that came out to get Wayne Gretzky's prepubescent autograph.

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  1. that's mario lemieux in that picture, not wayne gretzky. i actually have wayne gretzky's autograph. i got it while at "mr. B's baseball cards" in Chatsworth, when his wife came in and offered to mail one to me if i gave her my address. good thing she was for real and not a serial rapist or murdering clown, as they often frequent card shops. i know this because i used to be into sports. then i grew up and realized it was a waste of most of my time...ZING!