April 25, 2009

Red Hat Society day - this isn't not your grandma's social club!

The Red Hat Society is a social organization founded by Sue Ellen Cooper, a woman from Fullerton, Californ I.A., who as a gift one year gave to her friend a red fedora hat (probably not red from the blood of slaughtered babies, but I'm not ruling it out) and a poem (again, probably not covered in baby blood) written by Jenny Joseph:

"When I am an old woman I shall wear purple
With a red hat that doesn't go and doesn't suit me."

The gift created a bit of buzz, and as a request Sue Ellen gave the same gift to several more of her friends. Eventually, equipped with the poem as a shopping list, the rest of the group went and purchased "one... let me see... purple. and one red hat. and a suit. Wait, no, that's the verb form... one purple and one red hat, please!"

The group refers to itself as a "dis-organization" meant to encourage hanging out, getting silly, drinking some tea, being creative, and creating friendship in middle age and beyond. The red hats and purple outfits are worn exclusively by women over age 50, although the group is open to members younger than that who are required to wear a pink hat and lavender attire to the events until reaching their 50th birthdays.

April 25th is the official Red Hat Society day.

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