April 8, 2009

Venus de Milo found on Melos

The famous Venus de Milo statue was found on the Aegean island of Melos on April 8th, 1820.  The statue was sold to France by Greek peasants and put in the Louvre in 1821, where it still exists today.  The missing arms of the statue originally led to replacements, but they have since been removed.  Other great statues, many of which actually have arms, were surely passed up for the Venus de Milo.  The mighty Truckules and the stoic Brosophocles were almost certainly among those left behind to remain cult favorites, and will probably resurface during VH1's hit series, "I love the Hellenistic Age: 80 BC".  The Venus de Milo has clearly taught us that we should respect all things without arms, and that ideally technology will find a way to eliminate the need for them altogether.

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