April 17, 2009

I Went With Some Friends To See The Flaming Lips

by Mr. Benji Hughes!

I went with some friends to see The Flaming Lips
It was the greatest show I ever saw
We'd been planning the trip for a couple of months
And I just couldn't wait to get it on
It was April 17th
It was Thursday night
It was raining just a little but we didn't mind
We had some drinks in the bar at the Haywood park
Sent walking Jason on a beer run, 'cause it was getting dark
Then we checked into our rooms and started eating mushrooms
Jessica and Elle dropped by
We got directions to the club from the man at the door
And we rode down through the streets
Charlotte people on tour

Standing in a little line when we realized Mark had been taken too much, taken way too much MDMA
And later that night while the band played
I held the girl that I love in my arms
And most of my friends
And we all took turns holding Mark

Sometimes I almost forget how great that night really was
Then I talk to Mark and he can't remember anything at all

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