April 12, 2009

Skull Valley lives up to it's name

On April 12, 1968, Skull Valley was the cite of a nerve gas accident resulting in the death of several thousand sheep.  This accident is also known as the "Dugway Sheep Incident" and "Skull Valley Sheep Kill Fuck".  Apparently, the stars and stripes, brilliant and cunning as they are, were experimenting with chemical and biological weapons at Dugway Proving Ground, just southwest of Salt Lake City, Utah.  The nearby ranches surrounding the complex were where the sheep were exposed to the silent but deadly VX gas.  The US Army did not accept full blame until 1998, even though all "studies" showed evidence of the gas in the sheep themselves and all areas where the sheep were found dead (oops!).  Apparently, the police sent novelty rescue cars of different kinds to the scene, but they were of no help and merely served a comical value for the ranchers that loved their sheep and had to lug the carcasses home to prepare the VX-Brand sheep meat and VX-Brand sheep wool for the public.  Neighbors were no help either.  Funerals were held for each individual sheep soon after the incident.

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