April 1, 2009

Oh, Ye April Fools

April fools is the root of many things foreign and strange in this world. For instance: the French language:

The french language was created when an american president made plans for foreign travels. As we know from various period pieces, everybody spoke english back in olden times. The French, those silly souls, thought it would be funny to play an april fools prank on the american president. They practiced for months and months before his arrival to create an extensive fake vocabulary they could use while the president was visiting, and designated one man to be the translator, who would just make up whatever he wanted the president to hear. While the translator was out of the room for a moment, excusing himself to use the outside tree, the president remarked to his companions that this foreign language was spectacular, and that France was a truly great country if only for the magnificent language that they spoke. The french men in the room, hearing this, decided that rather than revealing to the president that this was all a silly joke, they would continue to develop this fake vocabulary into something usable. And now, we call it French!

The true april fools joke among all of this, of course, was that the president knew all along that they were playing a silly joke. Therefore, it was an american president who caused the French language to be invented!

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