April 9, 2009

The Mercury Seven

The Mercury 7 was a group of 7 astronauts chosen by NASA, appointed April 9, 1959. They were Scott Carpenter (the tough one), Gordon Cooper (the crazy one), John Glenn (the party animal), Gus Grissom (the short fuse), Walter Schirra (the sexy one), Alan Shepard (the ladies man), and Deke Slayton (the nerd).

The Mercury 7 were narrowed down from a group of 69 military pilots chosen for their experience and physical stature. Due to the small size of the space capsules, candidates could be no taller than 5'11" and no more than 180 pounds. They were chosen to run missions for Project Mercury, America's first human spaceflight program. Nine manned spaceflight missions were run by six of the Mercury seven. Only Deke Slayton, the nerd, didn't run a mission due to heart problems, and a subatomic wedgie.

The Mercury 7 were responsible for many space firsts, including the first manned flight to orbit the earth. On top of all that, Scott Carpenter later went on to work on the Navy SEALAB program, living at the bottom of the ocean for 30 days, receiving supplies from a dolphin! I hereby nominate the Mercury Seven as true American All Stars.

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