May 2, 2009

Battle of Casa de Alcatrazzzzzz

May 2nd, 1946: A few prisoners in everyone's favorite Bay area penitentiary decided they were tired of playing the incarceration game and wanted a cool ticket out of Casa de Alcatrazo.  The plan was to exploit a weakness in the gun gallery while another inmate created a diversion in the cell block.  Once they got into the gun gallery and found weapons and supplies for their escape, they planned to take over the cell-house by force, use the guards as hostages, make their way to the dock, and then hijack a boat to San Francisco: Easy-cheesy!  The plan depended on getting a key from the guard in the gun gallery, which they needed to open the cell-house doors and for bragging rights.  However, on the day they chose to launch their ambitious escape, one of the guards did not follow protocol and held on to the cell-house key he was supposed to give to the gun gallery guard, foiling their plan from the beginning.  

Being confined to the cell-house with weapons left them few options.  They hung out for a bit, did some weight lifting, and patted each other on the ass, but eventually the marines came in and used grenades to blow things up and get the girls.  Only one inmate wasn't harmed in the explosion, but his cell became jammed, forcing him to sit and watch as the marines came in and sweet talked all the fine ladies.  The three convicts were killed by the explosion, which reminds me of a charming scene from the 1979 film "The Fury", by Brian de Palma (check out Cassavetes in action).  Two of the other three people involved were executed in 1948, but one of the convicts in on the plot was released in 1973, even though he was sentenced to another life sentence for his involvment with the escape of '46.

Now, I know what you're thinking - "WHOA buddy, why aren't you talking about the other escape plot?  This plot lacks the hackneyed Hollywood interpretation I have come to associate with Alcatraz breakout stories".  To that I must respond with thisss and thisssss.

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