May 25, 2009

Begin The Fanfare

May 25, 1977, There are few movies that have had a larger impact on our culture, Kazaam, Dream a Little Dream, and Three Men and a Little Lady to name three. One thing that none of these movies have that Star Wars does, is a great title crawl. oh sure, there are some films out there with some lengthy introductions, but none so filled with concepts we could barely wrap our brains around. Little did we know how much this film franchise would have to offer.

In honor of this great date in history, I have gone through the trouble of finding a brief synopsis of the film, translating it to French and then back to English with the help of the future. Enjoy.

Luc Skywalker remains with his adoptive aunt and uncle with a farm on Tatooine. He is desperate to obtain in addition to this planet and to arrive at l' academy like his/her friends, but his/her uncle needs him for the next harvest. While waiting, a bad emperor succeeded the galaxy, and built a formidable Star death, able to destroy whole planets. Princess Leia, a chief in the resistance movement, acquires plans of l' star of death, the place in R2D2, a droid, and l' send to find Kenobi Girdle-Pale. Before qu' it finds it, R2D2 finishes upwards on Skywalkers' ; firm with his/her friend C3PO. R2 wanders then in the desert, and when Luc follows, they find Girdle-Pale thereafter by chance. Luc, Girdle-Pale, and both droids will be able to destroy l' star of death, or l' will emperor order for always?

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