May 20, 2009

Otto-man, King of Grease!

May 20, 1832: Prince Otto Friedrich Ludwig of Bavaria ("Otto-man" to his friends) becomes the first modern King of Greece (King of Grease to his friends).  As far as monarchs go, Supreme Lord Otto was maybe 2 stars out of a possible 5 "Monarch Glitter-Gold" commemorative stars. He did eventually collect all five, which he added to his set of commemorative memorabilia. He is considered to be the first "modern" King of Greece due to his love of electronic and rap music, which he would blare out of his castle windows.  How he enjoyed such music on a 1980's ghetto-blaster before such things or times even existed is surely a question for the ages.  It is known that King Otto and his best buds would walk the halls with Otto holding his ghetto-blaster on his shoulder. When they would see someone really cool whom they wanted to impress, Otto would rewind a little to a specific part in a good song and then he'd hit play as he and his buds walked out with what they called the "Otto-shuffle", which resembles a certain learned motion [of the ocean]. 

Otto got the Greeks involved in all sorts of whacky adventures, such as the Crimean War, military coups, feature films, and many other hilarious family-oriented activities.  All in all, it worked out just fine for Otto until his exile and death.


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