May 27, 2009

This is California

California: The Golden State. Early settlers quickly realized that California wasn't truly a state build out of gold. Merely gold plated, they announced, pulling back a layer to reveal dirt underneath. Good news for the farmers, bad news for the wedding ring factories springing up everywhere. Large communities moved in and out of the state, the farmers drawn to the soft moist soil, the New Jerseys repulsed by the false promise of unlimited gold chains. Hollywood is happy to find a setting as reliant on a thin layer of beauty as its own and moves everything in.

Farmers start finding it more difficult to store the rolled up layers of gold they peel free in order to plant plant plant, and so the state decides to undergo a plan to turn all of that unwanted gold into a huge public works project, one spot of California that truly will be gold after all: The Golden Gate Bridge. Work begins, and soon enough the bridge is built and ready for the public. May 27, 1937 marks the beginning of the end of the ferry system in the bay area, creating a vacuum that draws in a brand new fairy system (hey-oh!). Pedestrians and cars alike set across, feeling the wind blow through their automotive hair.

A couple days in, a photographer drags his tripod along and notices the gold scrape away revealing a darker metal underneath. Investigating, he scratches deeper and discovers that the golden gate bridge is as gold plated as the California his ancestors discovered years ago. He takes a key and scrapes away, forming the words "This is California." The picture earns him every photographic award known to man, and that is the story of "This is California", the most famous photograph of all time.

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